Fluoride- You Decide

September 1, 2020  |  Dental Hygiene, Holistic
  • 97% of Western Europe has rejected water fluoridation
  • many children now exceed recommended daily fluoride intake from toothpaste alone
  •  is not a nutrient
  • 64 studies have linked fluoride with reduced IQ in children
  • link between bone cancer especially in boys was published in 2005 Dr. Chester Douglass (Harvard)
  • is a neurotoxin, damaging the brain and central nervous system
  • in drinking water has the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain and body
  • ingested fluoride not effective in preventing cavities
  • 2019 Canadian study confirmed nearly 300% higher risk of ADHD for children living in fluoridated areas
  • It can not be declared safe


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