Holistic Dentistry

March 1, 2019  |  Holistic
dental tooth organ chart
each tooth has an energy flow with the body

More and more we're hearing everyday that your health starts in your gut. It's on t.v. , take your probiotic , eat yogurt... gut..gut... They're correct. All health starts in the gut and where does your gut start ?... in the mouth! If your mouth is not healthy you will never achieve health.

Our bodies work on meridian flows, energy flows. Did you know that each one of our teeth are associated with different organs , joints, vertebrae, endocrine glands, central nevous system, sense organs mammary glands.So let's say you have a kidney issue. We check tooth associated with the kidney, do we have an active infection, is it a dead organ? Have breast cancer, check the teeth asociated with breast . Are those teeth healthy?

Our mouths and tongue tells us so much. Is there inflammation? Inflammation in the mouth tells us there is inflammation in the body.

To prevent and rid of disease there is an order to help you get to this goal of health. We first remove all the heavy metals (silver mercury amalgam dental fillings) in the mouth properly, then possibly root canal teeth, depending on signs and symptoms you're having, implants, other metals in the mouth, other dentistry. Good supportive care as well , chiropractic, accupuncture, massage, energy clearing.

As holistic practioner we are here to help you achieve good health and work along with your other health practioners.