May 22, 2019  |  Holistic, Ozone

Why Ozone?

Have you ever thought about why fillings can get decay under them? Think about all the bacteria in your mouth, in your saliva. Is it possible to place restorations in a clean sterile environment? With ozone-YES!!

We can treat all of these disease causing microorganisms and at the same time support the surrounding healthy tissue without drugs. Ozone is a natural disinfectant. It kills bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasites with no toxic side effects and no toxic by-products.

You may wonder if you can be allergic to ozone or if there are any side effects. No - it's impossible to be allergic to ozone. Ozone is just an energized form of oxygen.

In the mouth we use ozone gas in the tooth. For periodontal disease where there is isolated bone loss we can grow bone with ozone over the course of several visits. After tooth extractions, the site is cleaned with ozone gas. We clean the head by ozonating the nasal cavity and the ears due to the close approximation to the oral cavity thus lowering the amount of bad bugs. For canker sores and gum infections we apply ozonated olive oil.

In the medical model, ozone has many different applications such as for blood borne dieases , ie. ebola, lyme lung issues amd much more.