My Journey

February 20, 2019  |  Holistic

I started as a general dentist, a regular in the box doc. I performed all the services we learned in dental school, mercury fillings are fine, fluoride is needed to have stronger teeth and prevent cavities, root canals save teeth and we want to save teeth.

I was a dental assistant at age 14 (went to vocational school to be one). We used to mix the amalgams ,silver mercury fillings and squeeze out the excess mercury into our hands and throw away the mercury in garbage can! So naturally I got very ill after my first child was born. I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, never putting the pieces together of mercury poisoning.I listened to the doctors. Fast forward, third child always ill with the weirdest auto immune issues.

So when childrens hospital; wanted to destroy his spleen and do chemotherapy at age 14 because they had no answers for the WHY, had no cancer, but why was his body attacking his platelets? I said NO. There has to be alternative treatment. Hence my journey began.I started seeking all the different holistic practioners in our area. So after I chose what I thought sounded the most logical to me, it worked. My son is still doing great  18 years later.

Now the holistic practioner looks at me and said,"now it's your turn!".What? Where do you think he got all his heavy metals from? Wow! Did you know when you're pregnant you dump all your heavy metals into the developing fetus? And to say the least, I was toxic.

And this is what has led me to this path of cleaning up toxicity in our life and becoming holistic.

A journey I am so proud to share with you !! And help you clean up your toxicity.