ozone generator

Dental Ozone

Ozone completely destroys bacteria, mold, yeast and viruses

Ozone allows us to treat many dental conditions in a very conservative manner. 

 Gum Disease / Infections: Because gum disease is an infection and ozone can eliminate infection, irrigating periodontal pockets with ozone water and ozone gas is highly beneficial. Used in this manner, ozone not only helps stop the progression of the disease but also helps prevent tooth decay on exposed root surfaces. When needed, a custom tray that fits snugly over the teeth and gums can be fabricated which then flows ozone gas over the teeth and gums to help maintain periodontal health and prevent decay.

Restorative: Ozonated water is used in every procedure in our office. Since ozone kills bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites, we use ozone gas under all of our restorative dental procedures for the purpose of disinfecting the tooth, hence less post operative sensitivity!